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Some of the best outdoor activities in the North of Vietnam

The North of Vietnam provides some of the most beautiful landscapes, viewpoints and sceneries in the world. From exotic wildlife to fascinating natural landmarks, the region has it all! The best way of exploring this region is undoubtably by some of the best roads on the planet, in particular the world famous Ha Giang Loop. 

The Ha Giang Loop is formed froma series of roads that come together to form a circular circuit, hence the ‘loop’. It borders with China to the north of the country, this extraordinary province beholds some truly jaw-dropping scenery ranging from giant limestone mountains, lush rice paddies, powerful flowing rivers, and peaceful mountain villages create an exquisite landscape, sure to leave you mesmerised.

Either take your own motorbike or ride aback a more experienced rider for the 3-4 day road trip.Whether you visit the loop to feel the adrenaline of a high speed mountain pass or just to take a relaxing ride through the beautiful settings, travelling the Ha Giang Loop is something you will remember for the rest of your life!


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