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We offer you four different categories of preplanned trips all around Vietnam, full of versatile itinerary ideas, priceless travel tips, and recommendations for places to go.

School Trips

We collaborate with your schools to create a bespoke trip, to one of our many destinations. Our team of qualified experts ensure safety is paramount but having fun is a close second. Our trips range from sports adventure, educational, community give back and cultural interactions.

Company Trips

We will create a full itinerary of games, activities and team building exercise, as well as tours, for any size company.

Private Trips

Want the adventure but without the crowds? We will create a one of a kind personalised tour to suit all of your needs.

Bike Trips

From Road to dirt to sand we cover it all. There is not better way to see the country than on a bike. Travel at your own pace, stop when you want but have the expertise of expats that have been in Vietnam for more than 15 years! We will show you what the hidden gems off the beat track that you won't in the Lonely Planet!

School Trips

Company Trips

Private Trips

Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a mountain paradise that sits on the Dong Van Karst Plateau in Northern Vietnam. It is known globally in the adventure and travel community as a pilgrimage-worthy…

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